Byron Bay Community Centre


Out There Sculpture Garden has been kind enough to decorate the halls of the community Centre during

the Arts Classic for the past two years, with her fantastic mosaic pots and gorgeous plants.  It has really made the centre come alive for this very big art competition, and we always get lots of comments on them.

Jan Dawkins


Sarah has been a very good friend for the past 35 years, and I have many different things that she has made, from fashion to pots. When we retired to our new home at ocean Shores, Sarah gave us this pot as a house warming present, and everyone who sees it thinks it is marvellous, and it has given us great joy.




My house in Byron is a permanent rental, and Sarah has looked after my gardens once a month for the past 2 years. She is considerate of my tenants, and always lets me know of her progress in the garden, often with photos, which I find very reassuring, knowing that my beautiful garden is cared for properly.


Christine Vadasz


I am a home based architect from Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, and have known Sarah Lysaght for 35 years, being a personal friend and client since her days in the fashion industry, to now, as a gardener and mosaic artist. She has gardened with me over the past 10 years and has recently designed and implemented a garden outside our studio, on a very steep slope with very poor soil. All the plants are thriving and the garden looks great, and as a special feature we purchased one of the landscape series bowls to adorn the top of the stairs.

Still @ The Centre

We first came across Sarah when we first opened our art studio and gallery two years ago when we bought a ceramic sculpture by Benny Saunders for our business. Since then we have become good friends, and our son often helps her with the garden center, as he loves plants and the creative atmosphere of her studio. We buy all our plants from her, often as presents for our friends as we know that they are healthy and an unusual edition to any garden. Sarah also maintains the gardens at our business, and in her spare time loves to paint plants on canvas and has done some of our painting workshops which I know she enjoys. All in all a delightfull win - win business relationship has flourished - and a friendship too ... from one little seed ... big flowers grow.

Dr Adam Osbourne


I discovered Out there Sculpture Garden when looking for a birthday present for my wife, and discovered that it was the studio of well known identity and fashion designer Sarah Lysaght, whom my wife has always spoken very highly of. We have since purchased a fabulous water bowl and heart fountain for a central piece at my medical practise, which Sarah came and installed and the clients just love it, with its vibrant colours and soothing sound - we are very happy.

Wendy Smythe


I have known Sarah for the past 25 years, meeting her first while purchasing her fabulous evenin


g w ear for my shop in Tamworth. Over the years she has made many garments, including my daughters wedding dress, for all my family, and I have a chest full of them still, awaiting my grand children.

I love her style in everything she produces, and now have a fabulous display of her pots outside my house at Lauriton, where people stop continuously to take photos and enquire about these great art pieces.



My Byron Bay holiday retreat has come alive with the beautiful, exotic, tropical plants, mosaic pots and garden decorations that Sarah has made for me over the past year. I visited Out There Sculpture Garden first in March last year, and have become a fan to her uniquely individual style and vibrant colours in her bold designs. The plants that I


have purchased look like they have come straight out of a coral garden at the bottom of the ocean! She has made many pieces especially to my colour scheme and specifications, matching them beautifully to my theme. Always happy to deliver and install the creations, I have found Sarah fantastic to deal with, and we have now become good friends. (Incidentally - she made my dress for my daughters wedding as well and it turned out exactly as I'd wanted !!)